• What

    Microcredentials are small projects created by and for educators to improve classroom or school-wide outcomes. 

  •    Who

    Any educator can earn microcredentials.

    A wide range of educators can earn them, including (but not limited to):

    • Classroom teachers

    • Instructional coaches

    • Counselors

    • Administrators

  • Where

    Microcredentials are completed online. There are no time or geographic constraints to completing them.

  • Why

    Microcredentials give educators:

    1. Salary advancement credit;

    2. License renewal credits; and

    3. Visible recognition of demonstrated competency.

  •  How

    4 Simple Steps:

    1. Choose your CCEA microcredential.

    2. Collect evidence.

    3. Respond to prompts.

    4. Submit into Digital Promise.

  • Now

    For more information, contact us at:


    Email: cceamc@gmail.com


    Phone: (702) 473-1026

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*Each microcredential will cost $40. As a benefit to CCEA members, upon successful completion of a micro-credential, CCEA will reimburse the member for the amounts paid for the micro-credential.