Choose Your Topic, Begin Your Stack 

D1 Understanding_School_Data.png

Form recommendations for student or school goals based on data. 

  1. Understanding School-Based Data

  2. Goal-Setting to Impact Student Success

  3. Using Data to Inform Decisions


Create a research-aligned families as education partners plan.

  1. Advantages of Families as Partners in Education

  2. Promoting Families as Partners in Education


Create a research-aligned global education yearly resource plan.

  1. Incorporating Global Education into Practice

  2. Connecting Knowledge to Action Through Global Education

  3. Planning for Global Education

S1 Identifying Stakeholders.png

Create a plan of action that engages different stakeholders, in school-based goals.

  1. Identify Stakeholders

  2. Understanding the Needs and Perspectives of Stakeholders

  3. Create a Plan to Engage Stakeholders

  4. Effective Stakeholder Engagement


Create a research-aligned student motivation plan.

  1. Motivation and the Learner Environment

  2. Fostering Motivation Through Interactions

  3. Planning for Student Motivation

L1 Using_Leadership_Strengths.png

Align leadership behaviors and protocols with a shared purpose.

  1. Leadership Strengths

  2. Facilitating Effective Teams

  3. Leading with a Shared Purpose


Revise lessons or activities to support learners who face challenges.

  1. Understanding Learners Who Face Challenges

  2. Supporting Learners Who Face Challenges

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*Each microcredential will cost $40. As a benefit to CCEA members, upon successful completion of a micro-credential, CCEA will reimburse the member for the amounts paid for the micro-credential.