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The Nevada Collaboratory

Research Series


Girl Hiking in Mountains

Dr. Cameron Gonzales

Dr. Cameron Gonzales is currently employed as a High School teacher for the Clark County School District and professor for University of Phoenix. Prior to her move to Las Vegas, she worked for Department if Defense teaching k-9 and as a Psychology Assessor in Seoul, Korea and Vicenza, Italy. Previously, Dr. Gonzales taught Early Childhood Education for Central Texas College (CTC) and for the last ten years has taught Masters and Bachelors level Education classes for the University of Phoenix. Additionally, she supervised student teachers for the University in both Korea and Italy and has lived in Nevada, California, Italy, Germany, and Korea.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Dr. Rasheed Malik

Dr. Malik was born in Detroit, Michigan but was raised and educated in Las Vegas, Nevada. He received his Bachelors in African American studies from the University of Nevada, a masters in Elementary education, and he recently completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. His educational philosophy is based on the works of educators like Lisa Delpit and Janice Hale. He believes educators must use the student’s environment and their interests to develop relationships with students so that they can help them reach their academic potential.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Dr. Reggie Revis

Dr. Revis has been a staff member and administrator in three states for three decades in district and charter schools. He is currently a proud second grade chair and School Organizational Team chair at Halle Hewetson Elementary School in Performance Zone 5. He recently assisted in creating microcredentials, is a trainer with the Equity and Diversity Education department, the New Teacher Symposium, and the Southern Nevada Educator Leadership Symposium. His blended and extended family lives in Henderson where the school-aged children attend Clark County School District schools, and two year old Wyatt Nathaniel attends wherever he wanders! "I really enjoy the synergy that good training elicits from everyone in the room, whether it is based on pedagogy or andragogy. The various dynamics of respectful, diverse input make meeting an objective a very rich experience."

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Jessica Maleskey

Jessica Maleskey has been teaching in the Clark County School District for 7 years. She has taught English 9/9H, Imaginative Writing, Journalism I/II, and Reading/Writing for Proficiency. Ms. Maleskey has earned her Bachelor’s in Secondary Education with a minor in English from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and her Masters in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As a teacher leader, Ms. Maleskey has mentored student teachers from UNLV, one of which went on to become “New Teacher of the Year.” Ms. Maleskey is also the foster care advocate at her school, working with counselors, court-appointed child advocates, and social workers to ensure all students’ needs are met.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Jessica Shearin

Jessica Shearin is a school psychologist originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She moved to Las Vegas for her school psychologist internship after completing her Bachelors of Arts degrees in Psychology and German Studies, as well as her Masters of Arts and Educational Specialist degrees in School Psychology. Ms. Shearin is currently in her second year as a school psychologist in the Clark County School District. She currently works with elementary and early childhood. Prior to Clark County School District, Ms. Shearin worked as an early literacy tutor with Title 1 preschools.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Jessica Spalding

The 2018-19 school year marks Jessica Spalding’s 13 th year in education as a middle school math instructor. She currently teaches 8 th grade mathematics at Tarkanian Middle School. She is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, where she earned her undergraduate degree from Bellarmine University and M Ed at Indiana Wesleyan University in Educational Leadership. After relocating to Las Vegas, she earned a second master’s degree in Education Administration. She loves the magic that happens in middle school classrooms. Ms. Spalding is passionate about creating a positive and engaging classroom environment with high expectations for learning.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Kristine Doran

Kristine Doran is a native of Las Vegas. She has a master’s degree in Instructional and Curricular Studies and holds an endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language. This is her 15th year as an educator in the Clark County School District. Her previous teaching experiences include teaching 2nd and 3rd grade, working as a reading interventionist, and coaching new teachers as a Peer Assistance and Review Consulting Teacher. Currently, she works as a learning strategist at Petersen Elementary School. During her free time, Kristine enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Paige Myers

Paige Myers is a National Certified School Psychologist. This is Ms. Myer’s sixth year working for CCSD as a school psychologist. She is currently working with elementary and early childhood; however, her experience also includes middle school. Ms. Myers currently serves as a Executive Board member CCEA. Over the last two years, she has completed the Public Education Foundation’s Teacher Leader Academy, as well The Early Career Leader Fellowship. Ms. Myers holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Studies from West Virginia University. She continued on to Las Vegas to attend the University of Las Vegas to earn a Master’s of Science and Educational Specialist in Educational Psychology. Prior to working for CCSD, Ms. Myers worked in the mental health field within the community. First providing psychosocial rehabilitation and basic skills training to children ages 3 to 18 years old, then serving as the director for a day treatment program.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Talitha Nelson

Talitha Nelson has been a teacher in the Clark County School District for 11 years. Her education includes a Master’s degree in Elementary Education K-8, a Master’s degree in School Administration K-12, and TESL and GATE endorsements. She has served in a role as a Consulting Teacher with Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) for the past two years and is moving into a coaching and mentoring position at Western High School. Talitha supports new licensed teachers by meeting with them regularly to help improve instruction through formal and informal observations, planning, goal setting, and providing targeted feedback.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Tracy Wright

Tracy Wright is an accomplished classroom teacher who has been with the Clark County School District for the past twenty-two years. Tracy currently holds a master degree in Advanced Teaching & Leadership with a Specialization in Administrative Leadership. She is in the process of earning her National Board for Professional Teaching Certification in English Language Arts Early Adolescence. The certification process certifies teachers who exemplify superior classroom competency. Mrs. Wright teaches eighth grade English Language Arts and is committed to knowing her students and their learning style and needs.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Wendolyn McGregor

Wendolyn McGregor has been teaching for 15 years and has taught Kindergarten through 12 th grades, as well as serving as an Instructional Coach and Gifted and Talented District Coordinator. She just finished her first year in CCSD and will be a Learning Strategist next year. Wendolyn has Bachelors Degrees in History, Elementary Ed, and Secondary Ed, and a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

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