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Take a Walk With Me

Want a short walk through of what to expect when completing a micro-credential? Keep reading!

As you may know, there are 10 micro-credentials total that we currently offer. Each micro-credential consists of different goals or purposes. Although the purpose of each micro-credential is different, the process of completing the micro-credential stays the same. For example, part 1 of completing a micro-credential will always be an overview. Part 2 consists of showing work examples and artifacts. Part 3 is the last part of completing the micro-credential and will be a reflection of parts 1 and 2.

In the overview (Part 1), you will be responding to questions like:

1. How does this specific micro-credential benefit you as an educator, or your

students, colleagues, parents, etc.?

2. What is the goal you are working towards, and your plan on how to get you there?

For this submission, you will be provided with a text box where you type in the answers to these types of questions.

In the work examples and artifacts section (part 2), you will show proof of how you are working with teachers, students, parents, or colleagues to achieve your goal that was explained in part 1. A couple of our micro-credentials give you the choice of submitting a chart, video, audio, or essay to show work examples and artifacts. For this submission, you will have to upload your documents as a shareable link.

Your last submission will be your reflection (part 3). You will reflect on the experiences you had throughout your plan of action. You may also explain things like why is your micro-credential important and what is your expected outcome. In this last submission you will be provided with a text box to write your reflection.

Digital Promise provides all the resources needed to complete each micro-credential. You also have a rubric to go off of for each submission. To avoid having to resubmit your micro-credential, please make sure you complete all the requirements that are in the rubric. Do not worry though if you do get denied for an award. Our assessors will provide feedback on what needs improvement and you will have the opportunity to resubmit.

Ashley Moreno

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